Do I Really Need Antivirus Software?

July 22, 2016

Believe it or not, but this is a common question most cyber security professionals and people who play that role for their friends and family hear – Do I really need antivirus software? It is usually followed by a complaint or an example of someone who uses nothing. In most cases, these cyber security professionals and people who help out their loved ones will only have one answer to give – Yes. Yes, you do. The mere fact you are asking this question means that you do.

virus alert

There are, however, people who might be able to get by without installing a single third-party antimalware solution on their computer. There are people like that. They are extra careful, they know how to behave online and they do regular backups. However, they make perhaps 0.001 percent of the population.

Antivirus Software Does All The Work For You

For the rest of us, securing our system with a piece of antivirus software is a must. Why? For any number of reasons. The first, most obvious reason is that the antimalware tools and features that come with your operating system and/or browser will never be as good at identifying and getting rid of malware as software solutions that were made with this function in mind. Antivirus software is developed continuously for years (and decades in many cases), their experts are the cream of the industry and their signature databases are the most up-to-date in the world.

In addition to this, many people do not wish to spend time getting to know their system. They want a simple solution that will demand almost nothing from them. It is just the way things are with your average user and there is nothing wrong with that. Antivirus software is developed with such users in mind. The best solutions provide layers of defense without the user even being aware of it.

Antivirus Software Protects Your Computer From New Threats

Furthermore, there are new kinds of threats springing up quite regularly in the cyber world and antivirus software solutions are your best bet when it comes to staying protected against these new dangers. A great example of this is ransomware that has spread like wildfire in the last year or so and that shows no signs of slowing down. The cyber security issue is a fluid one and users simply need solutions that are equipped to deal with everything.

Antivirus Software Keeps You Safe At All Times

antivirus screen

The biggest reason most of us need a piece of antivirus software to protect us is that we are not disciplined enough to do it without specialized software. Most of us know very well that backups are something that needs to be done at least semi-regularly, but when did you backup your system the last time? Without a relatively recent backup, you will have a ton of troubles dealing with any kind of virus infection, especially if your system has been affected.

Most of us are also pretty careless when clicking on certain links, which is one of the most common ways malware finds its way into computer systems. Without a piece of antivirus software, no one will second guess that link that you only half-see at one in the morning and that looks perfectly safe. When you throw in the fact that most average users are extremely careless when using Wi-Fi hotspots and allowing access to unknown devices, it becomes more than obvious that the average user is more or less inviting trouble.

Antivirus Software Keeps Your Business Safe Too

Things are even clearer if you are a commercial user, i.e. if you are considering protecting your company system. If you are reconsidering, please do not. Small companies have become the preferred targets for hackers and without an antivirus software to protect your company system, you are more or less there for the taking. In essence, unless you are absolutely certain that you can handle your cyber security, you need antivirus software. Even if you are one of those super-disciplined users, we’d still urge you to use one.