ESET NOD32 vs. Kaspersky

UPDATED Oct. 2021

Eset and Kaspersky have been around for ages, and for a good reason. They are at the very top of the antivirus market and they intend to stay there by constantly working on new ways to beat the competition. While you certainly cannot go wrong with either one of them, there are some features that make each of them more suitable for different subpopulations of users.

Take a look at this Eset vs. Kaspersky comparison and find out what the major advantages and shortcomings of these two famous names in the antivirus game are in respect to both general and individual needs of antivirus users.

Key Features
Ease Of Use
Resource Use
Final Rating8.9/109.4/10


Comparison Breakdown

In the Eset vs. Kaspersky comparison that follows, we will be looking at the crucial aspects of antivirus protection and the ways Eset and Kaspersky chose to address them. We will determine what platforms and versions of Windows they are compatible with, what kind of protection they provide, and what additional features they introduced in order to attract users who want something more than just basic protection.

Supported Platforms

  • Eset is supported on Windows, Mac, and Android, but does not work on iOS, which is strange, considering that they are one of the leading antivirus solutions on the market. That means that, for now, users of iOS-based devices will have to opt for some other company.
  • Kaspersky works on all the same platforms as Eset, that is, Windows, Mac, and Android and is characterized by the same lack of compatibility with iOS.

Windows Compatibility

  • You can install and run Eset on any version of Windows still in use, as it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, as well as with Windows Vista and XP.
  • Kaspersky also thought of all Windows users. It can be used on both newer and older versions: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Both solutions get an A+ when it comes to Windows compatibility.

Security Features

  • Eset works hard on providing you with bulletproof, real-time protection and battles all kinds of viruses and malware. It successfully keeps all known forms of threats at bay, so there is no need to worry about Trojans, worms, spyware, adware or ransomware. Your email is also fully protected and the software eliminates all security risks associated with spam and phishing. It also provides you with an absolutely safe browsing experience. There is one thing this antivirus software does not provide and that is USB protection, which is not a major fault but is a fault nonetheless.
  • Kaspersky gets the perfect score when it comes to security since it offers all forms of protection provided by Eset and also comes with USB protection.

Additional Features

  • Once more, Eset has a lot to offer in terms of additional features. It provides you with firewall protection, parental control, as well as with gamer mode and password manager.
  • Kaspersky does equally good in this respect and comes with all the additional features offered by Eset.


  • Eset antivirus software is updated automatically and lets you manually scan for viruses. If you wish to minimize its impact on your device, you can make use of the low resource use mode. The company also lets you test the product by offering you a free trial and if you purchase it but find the protection it offers to be unsatisfactory, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Kaspersky also comes with automatic updates, manual virus scanning, and low resource use. If you are not sure about whether it is the best choice for you, you can make use of the free trial. Even if you purchase it and it does not live up to your expectations, there is nothing to worry about thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee.